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Wyckoff Pediatrics, a pediatric care facility with an international reputation, provides high-quality care for our patients and their families. We offer parents and patients a secure, convenient portal to help them access their child’s medical records. 

The Patient Portal gives you access to your child’s medical records and allows you secure communication with Wyckoff Pediatrics staff. You can also view appointment reminders and fill out paperwork ahead of time. This blog will show you how to log in to Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal.

What is Wyckoff Pediatrics’ Patient Portal?

Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal gives patients 24/7 online access to their health information. 

Patients can access the Patient Portal to view their test results, immunization records and growth charts as well as visit summaries. 

How to log in to the Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal?

Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient portal is an online, secure health management tool that allows patients to communicate with their healthcare team, view test results and much more. These are the steps to login to the portal:

1. Go to the Wyckoff Pediatrics Website and click on the “Portal” option in the top menu.

Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal

2. In the appropriate fields, enter your username and password.

Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal

3. Click on the “Sign In” button.

We are happy to help you log in if you have trouble.

How to reset the Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal Login Password?

Don’t panic if you forgot your Wyckoff pediatrics Patient Portal login password. Follow these steps to reset your password.

1. Log in to Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal.

2. Click on the link “Forgot Password?” link.

Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal

3. In the box provided, enter your Email Address or Mobile Phone Number.

Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal

4. Click the “Send Me A New Password” button.

5. You will receive an email from Wyckoff Pediatrics informing you how to reset your password.

6. Follow the instructions and create a new password if prompted.

Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal Features

Wyckoff Pediatrics Patient Portal has a number of features that can be used to assist patients and their families in managing their healthcare. 

Patients can view their medical records, request refills, and schedule appointments. Patients can also pay their bills online, and communicate with their providers.

Wyckoff Pediatrics Address:- 219 Everett Avenue Wyckoff, NJ 07481

P: (201) 891-4777
F: (201) 891-3823


Wyckoff Pediatrics’ patient portal makes it easy to view your children’s medical records quickly and securely. You can view your appointments, review lab results, pay bills online and request prescription refills in just a few steps. With the login page, it’s simple to create an account. Don’t delay! Start today to enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes from having all your child’s medical information at your fingertips.

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