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In this article, we will guide you with the Regency Dermatology patient portal login process with step by step guide. You can also schedule appointments of Regency Dermatology patient portal by registering to their portal or with their customer support phone number listed below. 

If you are looking for an innovative and cutting edge approach to patient care, Regency Dermatology is the clinic for you. The clinic has implemented a patient portal that allows patients to access their medical records, track their appointments, and communicate with the staff easily. Patients say that the portal is user-friendly and easy to use, making it easier for them to keep track of their care.

Regency Dermatology Patient Portal Overview

The Regency Dermatology Patient Portal is a secure online resource for patients and their families to access information about their medical history, current health status, and treatment plans. The Patient Portal also provides communication tools and resources to support communication between patients and their providers.

The Patient Portal was developed in collaboration with the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The Patient Portal is available to all Regency dermatology patients.

Registering for the Patient Portal

If you are a Regency Dermatology patient, you can now register for our Patient Portal. This online resource is designed to make your experience with our clinic easier and more convenient.

The Patient Portal allows you to view your medical records, make appointments, and more. It is easy to use and helps to improve the quality of our services.

We hope that the Patient Portal will make your visit to our clinic more enjoyable. If you have any questions or concerns about registering for the Patient Portal, please contact us at (847) 910-9000 or [email protected].

How to Login to the Patient Portal

If you are a registered patient at our practice, you can login to the Patient Portal to view your medical records, communications with our team, and book appointments.

To login, follow these steps:

Go to the and Click the “Patient Portal” link on the home screen of our Patient Portal and click on the “Enter Patient Portal” in the home page.

Regency Dermatology Patient Portal
  • Enter your registered username. Click the “Continue” button. You will be taken to the “My Profile” page.
Regency Dermatology Patient Portal

On this page, you will see all of the information about your account, including your medical record number. Click the “Edit Profile” link next to your medical record number to update any information you would like to change. Click the “Book Appointment” link next to any appointment date that you would like to schedule. You will be taken to a page where you can choose any available appointment times that work for you. Click the “Confirm Booking” button to schedule your appointment.

To access the secure patient portal for medical information and to make payments online, click on the button below. Questions? Call us at 847-726-0774.

Using the Patient Portal for Appointments and Services

The Patient Portal is a patient portal that allows you to manage your appointments and services online. You can also view your medical history, receive alerts about upcoming appointments, and more. You can access the Patient Portal by clicking on the “Patient Portal” link on the top menu of the website or by going to

To log in to the Patient Portal, you will need your patient number and password. To get your patient number, click on “My Account” on the top left corner of the website, and then click on “My Profile.” On the My Profile page, under “Profile Details,” click on “Patient ID.” Your patient number will be displayed next to “Patient Name.”

To create a new password, click on “Forgot Username?” under “My Profile” on the top left corner of the website.

Regency Dermatology Patient Portal

Your new password will be displayed next to “Create New Username?”

Regency Dermatology Patient Portal

Accessing your Medical Records

When you visit our patient portal, you can easily access your medical records and track your health information. Our secure system ensures the privacy of your personal information. You can also leave comments on your health records and view photos from your previous visits.

Managing your Health Insurance

In today’s society, it is important to be aware of your health insurance options and how to use them to best manage your health care costs. The Regency Dermatology Patient Portal provides information on managing your health insurance including:

  • Understanding the types of health insurance plans available
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of each plan
  • Using the Patient Portal to find out if you are eligible for coverage and understand what benefits are included
  • Requesting a policy change or renewing your coverage
  • Finding out about special discounts and offers available through your plan

Communicating with Regency Dermatology

If you have any questions or concerns about your dermatology care, our patient portal is the perfect place to start. Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to communicate with our staff and track your treatment progress. You can also connect with other patients to discuss your experiences and get advice from those who know best.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our patient portal. Our portal is a valuable tool for patients and their families, allowing us to keep track of important health information and communicate with patients in a simple, easy-to-use format. We hope that you find it beneficial as we work to improve the care we provide. Thank you again for choosing Regency Dermatology!

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