Phycinity Patient Portal Login

It shouldn’t be difficult to stay healthy and get the best care possible. With its Phycinity Patient Portal, Phycinity has transformed the patient experience. Patients can access their healthcare data, update contact information, book appointments, pay bills and much more from one platform. 

Phycinity Patient Portal is the solution for anyone looking to streamline their healthcare management. This blog post will discuss the unique features of this technology and how it can help you manage your health.

What is Phycinity?

The Phycinity Patient Portal gives patients 24/7 online access to their health information. Patients can access their health information online, including test results, appointments, medication, and other details. Patients can also communicate with their care team via the portal to request prescription renewals and pay their bills.

Benefit of the Phycinity Patient Portal

You probably have many questions about your medical care and health. It can be difficult to find answers. Phycinity makes it easy to get the information you need about your health – any time, anywhere.

Phycinity, an online patient portal that provides secure 24/7 access to your health information as well as connects you with your care team, is a secure and reliable option. Phycinity allows you to:

* Review your test results with your doctor

* Order prescription renewals or medications

* View upcoming appointments and schedule appointments

* Write messages to your care team

* Check your immunization and medical history.

* Pay your bills online

Phycinity is a tool that makes it simple for you to manage your health – something we all can benefit from.

Login to the How To Phycinity Patient Portal Login

Follow these steps to log in to your Phycinity patient portal account:

1. Go to the Phycinity Patient Portal website and click on the “Patient Portal“.

2. Fill in your Email/Login Name and password on the login page.

Phycinity Patient Portal 1

3. To proceed, click on the “Login” button

Forgot your password? Click on the “Forgot Password?” link. Follow the steps to reset your password.

How to reset the Phycinity Patient Portal Login Password?

Don’t panic if you forgot your Phycinity Portal login password. Follow these steps to reset your password.

1. Log in to the Phycinity Patient Portal at

2. Click on the link “Forgot Password?” link.

3. In the box provided, enter your registered email address.

Phycinity Patient Portal 2

4. Click the “Reset Password” button.

5. You will receive an email from Phycinity in your inbox with additional instructions about how to reset your password.

6. Follow the instructions and you’ll be able reset your Phycinity patient portal login password in no more than a few minutes!

Phycinity Phone number

Phone: 919-373-3636

Opening Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 08:00AM-6:00PM

Friday: 08:00AM-4:00PM

Cameron Only Sat: 8:00AM – 12:00 PM


Patients can use the Phycinity portal to manage their health and medical information. It makes it easy for patients to access their personal information, communicate with their healthcare providers, manage their prescriptions, and more. This portal allows patients to keep track of their care by scheduling appointments and ordering refills. The Phycinity Patient Portal is an invaluable tool that improves the quality of every patient’s care.

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