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Are you looking to login to the MCMH Patient Portal ? If you need to make an appointment or check your MCMH  records, you can do it by accessing the MCMH Patient Portal. If you are new , you first need to sign up on the MCMH Patient Portal.

In this article we will guide you with a complete step by step process to log in to the MCMH  Patient Portal. You can also check the registration process as well as password reset options. If you need any further help we have listed MCMH Customer service phone no and email id for your support.

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How to Sign Up to MCMh

To sign up for the Mcmh Patient Portal, follow these steps:

To login to the Patient Portal:

  • From your computer, open
  • And click on Patient and Visitors and select “Patient Portal” From the Menu bar.
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  • And Select “MCMH Portal Login”.
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  • Now, If you don’t have an account, Click on “Sign Up”.
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  • · Fill up the form with personal details and create user name and password.
  • You will now be able to access all of the features of the Patient Portal.

How to Log In Mcmh Patient Portal

If you are a patient at MCMh and have not logged in to the Patient Portal, please follow these instructions.

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How to Reset a Password

Resetting passwords is a very important part of safeguarding your account and personal information. If you forget your password, there are several ways to reset it.

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Customer Support



We have covered everything related to MCMH patient portal login, signup, and customer support. If you still have any issue, you can reach out to us and we will try to help you in every possible manner.

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